Saturday, October 13, 2007

S-Chip Poster Family

Michelle Malkin has a great roundup of the Frost family and the Democrats holding them up as just the kind of family who needs this monstrosity of a government subsidy, this next step towards HillarySocialistCare.

This family owns two SUVs, a Ford F250, and two properties worth over $400,000.00. They send their four kids to private school. Their reported income is $45,000.00. They can afford all that, but they can't afford insurance? Someone's priorities are messed up. Now we are expected to pay for their lack of preparation. They have had an accident and have no insurance, so here come the Democrats on a white horse to save them.

What about those of us who scrape to make sure our families are covered in case something like that happens? I routinely work 12-15 hours a day between the Post Office and my home business, and my husband does the same with his business. We have two kids in college and until they're out, we'll be working like this. I guess we should just run to the Democrats with our sob story and see if they can make things easier for us.

I'm not angry with the Frosts, heck, they're probably drowning in debt; I'm angry with the Democrats, though I'm not surprised. Their transparent lies regarding all of this being for the children and how we on the right who accept responsibility for raising our families without government help, and expect other to do the same, are mean and unfeeling and, well, fill in the adjective, are infuriating. I hope they don't peel off the 15 Republicans they need to override Bush's veto...but there are enough spineless wonders in there that they just might do it.