Wednesday, November 07, 2007


So now it's up to John Conyers??

I don't know if you've been following the impeachment circus and its head clown, Dennis "UFO" Kucinich, but it is frankly embarrassing what our political process has come to since the Democrats went over the edge to loondom. Apparently 81 Democrats voted to have a debate on impeachment when they were pretty sure it would be tabled, then when the Republicans called their bluff and in effect said, "Fine, make your case," they waffled and changed their votes. The list of these wafflers is here.

Good ongoing coverage at The Weekly Standard and Michelle Malkin.

4:15 Update: The House is in a procedural vote on whether to vote on sending the bill to Judiciary Committee. (This is an alternate method to kill the bill, effectively.) The staff of Republican Whip Roy Blunt E-mails:

Republicans voted to force the Democrats to debate the Kucinich resolution to impeach Vice President Cheney.

This will allow us one hour of debate on the resolution.

We want to shed light on this Majority for the American people so they can see the political nonsense we are witnessing in Washington.

House Democrats are wasting precious time to play political games instead of working for the American people.

Nothing new there. They have made a mockery of the government model our Founders envisioned. I hope America is paying attention. Alcee Hastings, who has been impeached himself when a judge in Florida...but by golly, he's the kind of guy the Democrats like, so now he's a Congressman, said this:

Kucinich “is on a quest of his own. He sees flying saucers and he acts like one,” Hastings said.

No kidding. Trouble is, he represents the Democrat base.

JASmius adds: Unless this Republican attempt at PR jiu-jitsu backfires, and John Conyers decides to take Kucinich up on his offer. It certainly doesn't look like there's a majority in the full House for impeachment now, but after a month or two of an impeachment inquiry to rev up the Dem base, the majority party might find keeping even a big toe on the ground of sanity impossible.

Going after Cheney first certainly makes sense. That way he couldn't take Bush's place after the Dems removed Dubya from office, and they could simply reject anybody the White House appointed to the vice presidency and dictate to GDub that he make it official and move Crazy Nancy up the line of succession. In effect, make Bush appoint his successor.

Hey, at least that way we wouldn't be getting "Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton". We could even call the ensuing year "the Pelosi Dynasty"....