Monday, August 23, 2004

Wind-Surfer In The Wake Of An Aircraft Carrier

Senator Kerry has flip-flopped again – this time on visiting Florida for a post-hurricane photo-op. And the visit didn’t appear to do him much good.

One reason is a direct result of his decision to stay away a week earlier: the Bush FEMA already swept through right on the heels of Charley, and nearly all the residents in the areas Kerry visited – which were hand-picked by his colleague, Senator Bill Nelson to be the most devastated – have already received ample assistance. Once again, the “dinghy in the wake of an aircraft carrier” visual comes to mind.

The other reason is how obviously staged Kerry and his press/campaign entourage made his appearances, as though he, too, were offering aid and comfort and commiseration – hell, as though he for one single moment actually gave a damn about any of these people whom he’ll never give another thought as long as he can get their votes. Said one trailer park resident (no, I’m not making that up), “Not sure what's so inspiring about me not having help. He wasn't offering anything. He just wanted to come here because the President came here."

And that was most likely a Kerry supporter.

You know what could have earned the Boston Balker a ton of PR brownie points? If he had dipped into that ocean of ketchup money he married and arranged to set up a private relief fund to help out with the reconstruction. Or, if that treaded upon FEMA prerogatives or federal regs, something along those lines that would be permissible, in order to show compassion with his wife’s own money for a change.

Since he has no natural compassion of his own, might as well raid Teraaaaaaaayza’s purse, and revive Will Roger’s old adage in the process.

But…probably not. After making her pay for her own turquoise necklace in New Mexico recently, she’s probably garnished his allowance.