Thursday, September 23, 2004

How the Bushies "stole" feminism

Remember Naomi Wolf, the feminazi who counseled Al Gore on campaign fashion ("Earth tones, alpha male," etc.) in the 2000 presidential race? She writes a mortified piece today on how the President has managed to neutralize the "gender gap" this time around. 'Tis quite amusing.

She claims the "guru/genius/mastermind" of the Bush campaign isn't Karl Rove, but Karen Hughes. She says that Laura Bush and Lynne Cheney are being used masterfully to "soften" their husband's "hard edges" while also reinforcing their "forceful decisiveness," which is very appealing to "security moms." And she grudgingly raves about the GOP's "color-coordination."

OTOH, Wolf castigates Teraaaaaaaayza for her "me-me-me"-ism which exacerbates the way her (inherited) wealth makes her gigolo hubby look all the more like an out-of-touch, emasculated panzy. "By publicly shining the light on herself rather than her husband, she opened a symbolic breach in Kerry’s archetypal armor. Listen to what the Republicans are hitting Kerry with: Indecisive. Effete. French. They are all but calling this tall, accomplished war hero gay."

Well, look at his reaction to the Bush "Windsurfing" ad. Look at his reflexive bullying of the Swiftboat Vets when they came out with their first ad. Look at how he got goaded by the President into saying that he'd still vote for the Iraq war resolution even in hindsight. Look at how he blames his Secret Service agent when he falls flat on his face, or his speechwriters when he says something stupid, or the engineer of his campaign train when he forgets to make a middle-of-the-night campaign stop in the middle of Kansas.

And look at how he overembellished his Vietnam war exploits.

Kerry looks like a man so insecure about his masculinity, and a great deal else, that he becomes a puppet on a string at the tiniest slight.

A "girly-man," indeed.

Wolf also calls Liz Edwards fat - "she is even the size of the average American woman" - but there's only so much laughter a man can take.