Monday, October 25, 2004

The Countdown Begins Tomorrow

In light of the possibilities for another anti-Bush "gotcha," either from the domestic enemy (a la the DUI story) or the foreign ones (a la a mushroom cloud over Manhatten), I will post my current numbers at the end of each day through a week from tomorrow. Call it a chronicling of the preservation, or damnation, of the American branch of Western civilization as its day of reckoning approaches.

Or the political "two minute warning."

Here is the score with which we will begin tomorrow:

Poll Composite: Bush 48.9%, Kerry 44.7%

Electoral College: Bush 220, Kerry 202 (tossups 116)


Popular Vote: Bush 51.4%, Kerry 46.9%

Electoral College: Bush 301, Kerry 237

>TWEET< The clock is ticking....