Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Coleman bitch-slaps Jim Geraghty - again

See what you get when you try to be magnanimous and fair to a liberal? (Cheap shots emphasized)

Geraghty: Your weasel-ly correction/retort hardly answers my complaint, but it's a start. But you need to make another correction: My father was not the majority leader of the Minnesota Senate when I was hired by the Tribune.

I started at the Tribune as a summer replacement reporter in June of 1972, after serving as editor-in-chief of the Minnesota Daily, the student newspaper at tthe University of Minnesota. After my summer duties were complete, I was hired to start full-time at the Tribune on Jan. 1, 1973. My father became majority leader of the state senate a few days later, when the Legislature convened. Please correct.

Most of what you write is tedious tripe and you know nothing about Minnesota, me, or my family. The Frat Boys are cowards and mental midgets who hide behind anonymity but who must get a thrill reading their fictions on a supposedly reputable site such as the NRO's [sic]. Apparently, you make a nice living cutting and pasting from them and their ilk.

That makes you a bottom feeder.

Your faithful reader,

Nick Coleman

I have to admit, this side mayhem between the Coleman and JG is dismayingly puzzling. For starters, it didn't require any degree of genius to anticipate that if Geraghty gave an asshole like the Coleman an inch, he'd throw it back in his face and tear a mile out of his hide. Maybe it's a case of the TKS master only intending to post the one passing observation of the Coleman-Powerline dustup and not wanting the trouble and bother of a full-blown public pissing match of his own with St. Nick. But then if that's so, why does Geraghty continue to post the Coleman's emails? To let him bury himself still further? Pity that doesn't explain JG's escalatingly obsequious contrition. Could Lowry and/or Lopez be instructing Geraghty to kiss the Coleman's ass? Sure doesn't sound like the sort of spinelessness one would expect to find in the publication whose founding mission statement (paraphrased) was "Stand astride the road to tyranny and shout, 'STOP!'"

The Powerline guys haven't backed off at all (when they bother blogging about the Coleman at all). And I haven't seen any other right-of-center megablogs mention him since his original columnar eruption over a week ago. Ed Morrissey, for example, headlined his post on the incident by declaring outright that the Coleman had "gone insane." If he's gotten insult-laden email from the "award-winning columnist" - and I would bet serious money that he has - he hasn't blogged about it.

That's advice Jim Geraghty should have taken, and would be well advised to take henceforth, before the Coleman exploits his overdeveloped sense of fair play to make him look like an even bigger wuss than he does already.