Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Flogging A Horse With No Legs

A few libs here and there have finally pulled their heads out of their hindquarters and admitted that the view is better, to wit, that President Bush's democratization foreign policy - aka "The Bush Doctrine" - is not only working, but is sending waves of transformation rippling across the Middle East.

The rest sound like George Soros, who is still galavanting from one internationalist forum to another doing his impression of a left-wing pacifistic Bush-hating broken record.

Billionaire financier George Soros on Tuesday slammed as "dangerous" Washington's strategy to fight terrorism, saying it was creating anger and resentment around the world, according to a report in the Turkish Press.

Indeed? Eight million Iraqis, following the example of the Afghanis before them, defied the terrorists and voted. Arabs are turning out in droves in Egypt, Lebanon, and now Kuwait to demand a greater measure of freedom and self-determination. And Syria probably won't be far behind. Gives a whole new spin to the term "Arab street," doesn't it?

It's awfully hard to reconcile that with "anger and resentment" toward the man who set this process in motion. Which is why people like Soros are desperately trying to stir it up.

Speaking on Spanish radio the day an international conference on terrorism opened in Madrid, Soros said Spain had "a very different response to terrorism - a healthier response."

Yeah - they surrendered. And did it spare them further terrorist attacks? Nope, as the attempt to blow up their supreme court dismally showed.

"Producing innocent victims creates anger and resentment. And this anger and resentment feeds terrorism," he said.

"Producing innocent victims" is terrorism. The mindless slaughter of innocent victims in Iraq has turned the Iraqi people against the terrorists. We're fighting the terrorists and killing them in droves. That, and the fact that we haven't abandoned them like we did back in 1991 (and as people like Soros still want to do to this day), has gotten the bulk of the Iraqi people on our side. Something the "billionaire financier" is churlishly loathe to admit.

In Iraq, Soros added, "there are more people wanting to kill Americans than there were before. These people didn't think like that before the Americans arrived and did what they did.

"These people" don't think like that. Our arrival and actions are principally responsible for it.

I'm not certain when Soros purchased Bizarro World, but he might want to take early retirement and settle down there along with his fellow lefty bitter-enders. There they can spend their remaining time in this mortal coil muttering acidly to themselves and indulging in a state-of-the-art virtual-reality land of make-believe where appeasement works and bad guys are really just misunderstood and the only real devil is George Bush and his demonspawn of Jesusland whose unforgivable sin of proving libs wrong on every single domestic and foreign policy issue of the past generation can be punished in the fires of the hell they deny.

Kind of like the dementia wing of a retirement home.

Dubya World would be much better off without them.