Sunday, July 17, 2005

Speaking Of The SCOTUS....

....The Week magazine has their short list of O'Connor replacements out. But thinks the pick may be somebody else entirely.

Yeah, I don't usually indulge in random speculation, or even relay it for that matter, but what the hey, I'm at least half a dozen posts in hock, and besides, aside from being a bit long in the tooth (67, less than a decade younger than Justice O'Connor), from everything else I've (just) read about her, I'd have no serious objection to a Justice Glendon.

Of course, I think I would rather see a Justice Luttig or Roberts, just to be on the "Oh, God, not another Souter 'dark horse'!" safe side, but until the White House coughs up an actual nominee, it's all five-knuckle shuffling anyway.

[via Double-H]