Sunday, March 26, 2006

All The News That Really Isn't

Here's what I couldn't get to last week, but it didn't matter because little of it really constitutes "news":

***The European Union proved that there really is no level of appeasement to which they will not sink. Or, put another way, they showed that they won't just subsidize terrorists that pretend to be statesmen, but also terrorists that don't bother with such silly deceptions.

***The British have abruptly realized that nothing short of military action will prevent Iran from going nuclear. Which is another way of saying that they've now arrived at the Bush Administration's stance on the matter, which is to beg Russia and Red China for permission, via the UN Security Council, to let the bombing begin.

You know, the same Russia that planted a spy in U.S. Central Command, stole our Operation Iraqi Freedom battle plans, and passed them on to Saddam Hussein; and the same Red China that is, among other hostile actions, cultivating into virtual client states U.S. enemies like Iran, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, and that very same Russian Federation.

It would seem that "international law" is the biggest asset in the mullahgarchy's arsenal.

***Whenever Dirty Harry Reid intones (reedily...) his party's "dangerously incompetent" campaign meme against President Bush, do any of you get the giggles as badly as I do?

***Well, since we've pretty much chased "Emir" al-Zarqawi out of Iraq, his al Qaeda-ites had to go someplace. Now we know where. And that, thanks to their recent sixty-four million euro cash infusion, Hamas can host their new allies in style.

***I see that "Snarlin' Arlen" is still elevating legislative supremacy over national security.

I could really go for another anti-Specter rant right now, but I don't have the time, so you'll have to settle for these links instead.

***Henry Saad, one of the President's appellate court nominees thrown under the bus by the "Gang of 14" perfidy, has pulled a Miguel Estrada. I'll let Cap'n Ed have the last word, since I can't better it:

Republicans, especially those on the Gang, should be especially shamed by Saad's withdrawal. They treated him like a leper almost the entire year, barely lifting a finger in Saad's defense while the Democrats painted him as a radical. Despite holding a majority in the upper chamber and having their own President nominate him - twice - the GOP leadership left Saad twisting in the wind. To Saad's credit, he remained on the official list of nominees for months as a reminder of the lack of political courage the GOP showed in this Congress in defending appellate court nominees. They have allowed an appalling rate of confirmations to these seats, the lowest in many years if not ever, despite their control of the Senate and the White House. That demonstrates a leadership deficit that time may camouflage but cannot entirely hide.

Okay, I do have one more thought - it also should be salted away as a redundant reminder that John McCain is not fit to continue masquerading as a Republican period, much less be given the 2008 GOP presidential nod.

'T'will be a "saad, saad" day if he is.