Sunday, March 26, 2006

We Should Have A Contest!

Okay, all you sharp-eyed conservatives, read this article and count the errors and half-truths. The most glaring occurs early on:

That's why Feingold was one of the few Democrats who had the courage to vote against launching a pre-emptive war in Iraq, a country that was absolutely no threat to us since its weapons of mass destruction existed only in the fevered imaginations of the Bush administration.

Where has this guy been? Even if one disagrees with the war, I would think that writing for a major publication would require at least a passing knowledge of current events. Wait...what am I saying? Anyway, the above brilliance was written a few paragraphs after the author's assertion that Russ Feingold is standing on principle when he opposes anything the current administration does. What courage! What character! What BS.

It's true Iraq was run by a brutal dictator. No one misses Saddam Hussein except cartoonists.

Baloney. Every word you write, sir, argues against that statement. Your offensive, patently stupid statement in the next paragraph proves it.

But three years ago if we had lined up 2,400 American soldiers and asked the American people if they would be willing to sacrifice the lives of those fellow citizens so Iraqis could vote for a brand-new despot of their own choosing to run their death squads, how many Americans would have accepted the deal?

Yes, you idiot, of course. That's the primary reason we're at war with the terrorists, to help them keep their death squads going. I'm surprised he didn't put "but I support the troops" in there as a tagline. When people like this twit minimize and ridicule the sacrifice our soldiers are making with stupid columns like this one, it's easy to see why they're losing readership. The thing I hate about it is that our soldiers see garbage like this.

Read the whole article, if you can stand it. It's kinda like wading through the sludge at DailyKos.