Friday, March 24, 2006

Illegals "Riot"

[posted by Rich]

I noted with dismay the "demonstrations" in Arizona and California surrounding the illegal alien problem. This is, unfortunately, going to back-fire on the illegals as there is no moral or legal ground to support their being in our country as a law-breaker.

One can debate whether they are law-breakers or if the law is right. But, until that issue is decided, they would do well to be cautious and let cooler heads make some very, very difficult decisions.

Our politicians have ill-advisedly allowed this problem to fester and grow for over 20 years and we are now at a point where not only will tough, difficult action have to be taken, but a lot of people seeking to improve the lot of themselves are going to suffer.

This whole issue has evolved into the issue of nationality and the meaning of national borders and the rule of law in a nation. I think it is going to be painful.