Sunday, March 05, 2006

Girly Men

Great article by Doug Giles about society's attempts to sissify your sons. It starts out this way:

Parent, if you have a young son and you want him to grow up to be a man, then you need to keep him away from pop culture, public school and a lot of Nancy Boy churches. If metrosexual pop culture, feminized public schools and the effeminate branches of evanjellycalism lay their sissy hands on him, you can kiss his masculinity good-bye—because they will morph him into a dandy.

Ain't that the truth? The Leftists, and feminists in particular, seem to hate anything that smacks of masculinity. Guns, SUVs, NASCAR, the Boy Scouts...anything like that. You must be caring and sensitive to be a man nowadays. Think of a liberal leader in the Democratic party. Is "virile" the first word that comes to mind when you see John Kerry? Nope. Blow dried and Botoxed. Ted Kennedy? Please. And then there's the ultimate girly man...John Edwards. I mean, you expect to see Barbie at his side at any moment. More from the column - Giles refers to Genesis 1:24-28, then summarizes:

Yeah, God’s earthy 2IC was directly connected to the Spirit of the Wild. Adam lived in primitive partnership with untamed beasts, birds, big lizards and monster sharks. This is the way it was. And God said, “It is good!” Imagine that: good being equated to having no anti-bacterial gel, no bike helmets, no Trans Fatty acids, no poodles, no motorized scooters, no concrete and no Will and Grace. I know this doesn’t sound like “paradise” for postmodern pantywaists that are immoral, lazy, stupid and fat, but it was God’s—and His primitive son’s—idea of “Yippee Land.”

Hey, if your son is full of vigor and curiosity...claim it's ADD and medicate him! That seems to be the cry of the parent nowadays. Read all of Giles' column, it's a good one.