Thursday, April 27, 2006

Gas And Hot Air

It has been almost amusing, if not so maddening, to watch the Democrats weep, wail, and sob over gas prices. Their hypocrisy is just stunning to watch. Ann Coulter sums it up pretty well in her latest column:

I would be more interested in what the Democrats had to say about high gas prices if these were not the same people who refused to let us drill for oil in Alaska, imposed massive restrictions on building new refineries, and who shut down the development of nuclear power in this country decades ago.

Yes, these are the same people who are horrified that we might misplace a few caribou if we drill in ANWR for our own oil. Apparently the caribou are more important than those "working families" we keep hearing about.

The last time the Democrats controlled the House, the Senate and the presidency was in 1993. Immediately after trying to put gays in the military and socialize all health care, Clinton's next order of business was to propose an energy tax on all fuels, including a 26-cent tax on gas. I think the bill was called "putting people first in line at the bus station." This is the Democratic Party. That's their program.

How like the Democrats to screw an issue up royally, then blame the Republicans. And how like the Republicans to let them.

The Democrats' proposed gas tax did cause a revolution at home, and consequently the Democrats were able to sneak through only an additional 4.3-cent federal tax on gasoline. After tut-tutting the idea that voters would object if the Democrats attempted a huge gas tax increase, Speaker Tom Foley soon became former speaker, and indeed former Congressman Tom Foley.

Gary Hart, another whimsical demonstration of what Democrats think a president should be like, said at the time, "I certainly favor consumption taxes, particularly on energy." Then there's John Kerry, who favored a 50-cent increase in the gas tax in 1994. If he were a rap artist, Kerry's stage name would be "Fifty Cent a Gallon."

They all thought that high gas prices were wonderful back then, why, it would reduce global warming because fewer people would be driving! They should be the happieset people in the world right now, if happiness were possible for a liberal.

How many times do Democrats have to tell us they want to raise the price of gas for the average American before the average American believes them? Is it more or less than the number of times Democrats tell us they want to surrender in the war on terrorism?

It's as if a switch goes off in people's brains telling them: The Democrats can't be saying they want to destroy the lives of people who drive cars because my father was a Democrat, and the Democrats can't be this stupid!

Think about many people do you know who hold the same conservative values you do, yet still vote Democrat because their family always has? I can name several of my acquaintances like that right off the top of my head. One of my friends, a fine Christian lady, votes Democrat because her daddy was a Democrat. Yet she is as pro-life and fiscally conservative as I am. Even when I try and educate her about what the Democrats really stand for, it's like a wall goes up. I don't understand it. My brother is another example. He is vehemently pro-gun rights, anti-homosexual marriage, etc. etc...but he's a union member, therefore he reads their propaganda and unfortunately believes it.

Back to Ann's column:

The Democrats' only objection to current gas prices is that the federal government's cut is a mere 18.4 cents a gallon. States like New York get another 44 cents per gallon in taxes. The Democratic brain processes the fact that "big oil companies" get nearly 9 cents a gallon and thinks: WE SHOULD HAVE ALL THAT MONEY!

When the free market does the exact thing liberals have been itching to do through taxation, they pretend to be appalled by high gas prices, hoping the public will forget that high gas prices are part of their agenda.

That's right. They aren't appalled at the profit the GOVERNMENT makes from every gallon of gas, are they? Even though it is more than twice what the "big oil companies" get. I must admit I didn't know until I read it on Rush's site what the actual profit is for the oil companies. Yet, I'll bet 9 out of 10 people you ask are mad at the OIL COMPANIES rather than the government for the high prices.

What a mess.