Friday, April 07, 2006

Presidents Don't Leak

[posted by Kay Ryan]

HARK!! She's baaaack...The not very covert Valerie Plame is in the spotlight again. Poor Libby testified that President Bush had authorized the leak of classified info (now here's the part that has been sadly mis-reported) on the reasons the administration went to War in IRAQ?...nothing about Wilson's wife.

Yesterday on MSNBC Breaking News...David Schuster accused the President of leaking Plames name...later, probably after hearing from MSNBC lawyers, Schuster and all the other quick-draw reporters reneged on their original assessment of Libby's testimony.

NOW HEAR THIS..Bush & Cheney are not legally culpable for de-classifying information. There is an Executive Order that says so.

This media feeding frenzy is the direct result of the void left in the Democratic play book by the resignation of their lead character..the villian, Tom DeLay.