Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sleep, the Great Elixer

I don't quite know why, but when I come down with something the best tonic for the condition is extended sack time. Having slept for twenty-one of the past twenty-six hours, I can now say that my flu symptoms are, if not completely eliminated, then certainly significantly mitigated. This is important because, just as I couldn't take yesterday off due to work commitments, so I cannot take Monday off either, so the "weller" I can make myself, the easier Monday will go.

Physically, anyway.

If I had the energy, I would add a temperature graphic to the sidebar. The thermometer read 100.9 about half an hour ago, which has to be down from what it was yesterday. What a comforting thought.

Maybe this flu is itself a symptom of a bigger problem - namely my life having fallen out of balance of late. My "day" job has for all intents and purposes taken it over. Just as a most recent example, I put in at least sixty hours at the office this week, which is remarkable when you realize that as recently as four months ago I oftentimes didn't have enough work to flesh out a standard forty-hour week. Not surprisingly the accompanying stress level has also skyrocketed over this period of time to the point where I'm suffering in silence at work and am a miserable SOB to be around at home.

Unlike the flu, however, there is no readily available elixer at hand for this problem. No practical one, anyway. I can only hope to ride out the "wave" and hope that things lighten up, eventually.

And jettisoning this damned flu my wife gave me is step number one.

Now, if you'll all excuse me, I'm going back to bed....