Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Good News From Iraq

Bill Crawford over at National Review Online covers some of the news the "MSM" won't touch. An excerpt:

I will give my bottom line up front. I believe Americans, while remaining tactically patient about Iraq, should be strategically optimistic. Most important, a major change—a tectonic shift—has taken place in the political orientation of the Sunni Arab community. A year ago, Sunni Arabs were outside of the political process and hostile to the United States. They boycotted the January 2005 election and were underrepresented in the transitional national assembly. Today, Sunni Arabs are full participants in the political process, with their representation in the national assembly now proportional to their share of the population. Also, they have largely come to see the United States as an honest broker in helping Iraq’s communities come together around a process and a plan to stabilize the country.

Moreover, al Qaeda in Iraq has been significantly weakened during the past year. This resulted, not only from the recent killing of Zarqawi, but also from the capture or killing of a number of other senior leaders and the creation of an environment in which it is more difficult and dangerous for al Qaeda in Iraq.

I have never doubted that we will prevail in this war. President Bush warned us that it is going to take a while. Progress is being made, however, in spite of the New York Times and the Democrats. Sure, we'd all like to see it end soon, but that's just not realistic.

There's more good news in the article, read it.