Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I've Always Liked Dole...

The headline over at Newsmax was, "Bob Dole Gets 'Nailed To The Wall'":

A decade has passed since Bob Dole left the Senate, but his self-deprecating wit remained firmly intact when he returned to the Capitol on Tuesday for the unveiling of his official portrait to hang with those of other former majority leaders.

"Some of my colleagues have been waiting for years to nail me to the wall," Dole deadpanned, as dozens of current and former senators who came to pay tribute erupted with laughter.

He wasn't done.

"When I left this building 10 years ago, I said it was up to the electorate to decide my future address. In their wisdom, they decided they would rather see me in commercials than in the Oval Office," he said, poking fun of his TV ads hawking Viagra and Pepsi after losing his 1996 bid for the White House.

I love self-deprecating humor, and nobody does it like Dole. :-)