Monday, August 21, 2006

Bill Cosby Tells It Like It Is

I love this. I didn't hear all of Rush's show today, so I missed this. He played sound bites of Bill Cosby talking about the media. Good stuff.

RUSH: You gotta hear this from Bill Cosby. Now, this was taped on July 18th of this year and aired for the first time Saturday on C-SPAN. The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation hosted a forum called "Paths to Success, A Forum On Young African-American Men." When I play the sound bite here I want you to know what Cosby is referring to. He's referring to a montage, a video montage that was played earlier at the forum hosted by the Washington Post, and he's referring here to the method of selective editing used by the media, and listen to how he describes the media in this bite.

COSBY: I'm tired of this drive-by crap. The Washington Post ran a clip and then they edited and they showed us what they wanted us to see these men saying, defining what is a black man. I heard not one black man say anything about being a father. I heard not one black man say, "my responsibility." They just didn't say the family and the structure of it. Not one edited version of these people with a camera on the drive-by. I'm looking to media. I don't like media. I don't like people who see and can't tell the truth.

Read the whole thing.