Friday, August 04, 2006

Feeding the Moonbats

Well, Hillary has apparently decided to placate the raving moonbats on the Left:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton called Thursday for the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, hours after excoriating him at a public hearing over what she said was a ``failed policy'' in Iraq.

``I just don't understand why we can't get new leadership that would give us a fighting chance to turn the situation around before it's too late,'' the New York Democrat told the Associated Press. ``I think the president should choose to accept Secretary Rumsfeld's resignation.''

Her performance yesterday during the session with Secretary Rumsfeld was solely to quiet the raving lunatic Kos-types who are mad at her for voting for the Iraq war. I don't think SHE even knows what she really believes. She's just like her husband...saying what she thinks people want to hear, believing what the biggest donors want her to believe. Geez, what a horrid couple.