Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lileks To The Rescue

If you're growing weary of the nauseating cowardice of the EUnuchs, the callous indifference of the DisLoyal Opposition, and the appallingly despicable seditions of the Enemy Media as regards Israel's fight for survival and the broader War on Islamic Fundamentalism that threatens our own existence as well, take two screeds and wallow in the blessed relief.

An appetizer:

The US continues to support Israel. This is becoming difficult, since many important nations with well-dressed, urbane spokesmen have decided that Israel should stop its strange policy of firing rockets on UN-run stem-cell research facilites for no apparent reason. These diplomats will tolerate a little wartime madness – we all have our moments, after all – but enough is enough, and now they must go home and sit in the basement and wait for more rocket attacks. If they’re good, they will get a snack.

Plop, plop, fizz, fizz.

Then appreciate Jeff Lord's connecting of some very interesting anti-Semetic dots.