Saturday, August 05, 2006

Lamont Lament

Well, it's looking like Ned Lamont is going to win the battle, but still lose the Connecticut war.

This is a big reason why. Apparently the blatantly racist attack on Joe Lieberman was this Lamont blogger's thoughtful, intelligent riposte to a Lieberman flyer touting the three-term incumbent senator's civil rights record compared to the challenger only recently quitting one of those "exclusive" upper-crust social clubs (like the one that Ted Kennedy only recently vacated after fifty years of enthusiastic membership). A hard-hitting contrast to be sure, but hardly anything out of bounds or unusual for a senatorial campaign.

This is another big reason for a Lamont defeat in November. The challenger could have denounced the pic of Senator Lieberman in blackface all but sitting in Bill Clinton's lap like an organ-grinder's monkey (his campaign manager did, but it needed to come from Lamont himself). He could have even endorsed and defended it, which would have been crazy but in character for this nutter-roots-fueled intra-party insurgency. But to claim that he "had no knowledge" of what one of his most rabid core supporters did on his behalf, or even of blogs in general, is either a less than veiled insult to everybody else's intelligence or a garish indication that Ned Lamont is an imbecile himself.

The money-bags Menshevik's penchant selective amnesia appears to not be an isolated incident, either. I guess he vented all that Wal*Mart stock out the nearest airlock at the same time as his club membership.

The extreme, angry Left seems not to have learned yet that hatred, viciousness, and vitriol are powerful turn-offs to moderates and "swing" voters. That may be an example of dainty political aesthetics, and it may be an indication that "adult" electors expect political debate to be about competing ideas rather than despicable cheap shots and virtual extended middle fingers. Jane Hamsher's "rebuttal" of Lieberman's tough but fair jab on civil rights policy is yet another indication that the neoBolsheviks have nothing serious to offer the country except an ongoing spitting, snarling, snapping, rabid harbinger of how serious the consequences for the country would be if such radical thugs ever got back into power.

Leave it to the Cap'n to put those consequences in proper perspective:

It really is difficult to understand what a mainstream Democratic politician has done to inspire such hatred and vitriol. In fact, it's becoming more and more obvious that Lieberman hasn't done anything to inspire it, but just that the haters on the Left have set their sights on Lieberman this cycle. They will do and say anything to destroy him, and this is about as low as it could get. Lieberman doesn't deserve this kind of treatment after his years of honorable public service. He's not my favorite by any means, but that doesn't mean he should have to suffer this kind of despicable treatment at the hands of his own party.

This is what the activist, radical Left have planned for America if they win control in November - character assassinations and smear campaigns. If they enjoy doing this to Lieberman, imagine what they'll do to the rest of us.

Actually, I think they have a lot worse than that in store. Which is, ironically, what makes such execrable indiscretions a blessing in disguise, that America's political immune system can spot the contagion and exterminate it at the ballot box before the disease can spread and metastasize.

The Lamontites had better milk all the enjoyment from their primary triumph that they can. It will be all the more pyrrhic in the end.