Thursday, November 23, 2006

Seize & Hold

Christian soldier, move still higher
Keep your eyes upon the peak;
Never falter, never waiver
Never fear because your weak.

Christ the Conqueror has gone before you
Climbing up the devil’s hill;
Attacked by Stan and armies legion,
In the Spirit He moved on still.

Christian soldier, heed your Commander
Follow orders, move ahead;
To gain each inch of ground you cover
He has fought and died and bled.

Look above you, see the banner of the
Conquering King of kings;
He alone secure the colors
And from His victory our hope springs.

Christian soldier, check your weapons
And secure your equipment well;
With your issued grace provisions
Drive your enemy back to hell.

Press them, press them, harder, harder
Keep them moving in retreat;
Advance, advance, advance still farther
No soldier of Christ must meet defeat.

Christian soldier, hold on tighter
The going is extremely rough;
Just above you fly the colors
The time has come to hang in there tough.

The battle rages ever stronger
At your soul the barrage is aimed;
Iron of soul, Christ’s mind within you
Will continue to sustain.

When you reach the high ground shortly
Do not think the victory won;
Quickly secure your new position
For the battle’s just begun

With your weapons most effective
Defend the high ground from attack;
Dig in deep and fortify it
By persistent daily GAP.

When your tour of duty’s over
And other soldiers take your place;
At the golden bridge of dying
Salute your Commander face to face.

Christian soldier, I commend you
For the victory you have won;
A hero’s welcome thus awaits you
Your R&R has just begun.

-Marlene J. Taylor, March 4th, 1977