Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dead Earth

Jonah Goldberg has a hilarious column up over at National Review. I often compare our own Jim Sondergeld to Jonah Goldberg and the guy who writes Impromptus, whose name escapes me right now. [Editor's note: Jay Nordlinger]

Live Earth was a dud. I mean, getting beat out in ratings by America's Funniest Home Videos? Some of Goldberg's classic lines in the column:

Speaking of Madonna:

What else could capture the canned juvenilia of a 48-year-old centimillionaire — who owns nine homes and has a “carbon footprint” nearly 100 times larger than the norm — hectoring a bunch of well-off, aging hipsters to show their Earth-love by jumping up and down like children? I suppose she could have said, “Now put your right foot in / Take your right foot out / Right foot in / Then you shake it all about…. That's what climate change is all about.”

Later in the column:

Madonna, Genesis, UB40, the Police, Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam), Crowded House, Duran Duran — these were among the headliners for this supposedly cutting-edge extravaganza. I listened to these acts in high school more than 20 years ago, and some of them were already going gray by then. Phil Collins is 56. Sting is 55. Cat Stevens is pushing 60. The Rolling Stones didn’t play Live Earth, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was because Mick Jagger needed a hip replacement.

Rush is right...environmentalism, especially global warming, has become a religion to these people. Most of them don't even have any idea what they're supporting, in my opinion. It just makes them feel good to be on the "right side."

JASmius adds: I think Jonah meant to say "hectomillionaire" in reference to Madonna, unless she's fallen on such hard times that she can only scrape together ten grand these days. It'd be a shame - and an aesthetic disaster - if she became so pauperized that she had to go back to not shaving her pits again.