Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Squishy Republicans

Here is a nice little roundup of the mealy-mouthed, eclair-spined, principle challenged RINOs who are now ready to cut and run with the Democrats. Every time I read something like this, it infuriates me. All we have to do is hang together. All we have to do is have the courage to stand up for our soldiers, for a war that is admittedly unpopular but is nonetheless just and necessary...but no, these cowards, most of whom are up for re-election next year, are more interested in their electoral chances than America's safety. How ironic. That's what we're usually saying about the Democrats. Olympia Snowe is the latest:

Snowe initially opposed setting a firm deadline, contending it would not make any sense to broadcast war plans to the enemy. But the senator, who is not up for re-election next year but faces a strong anti-war constituency, said she decided to switch her position because the situation has grown too dire.

Oh, okay. Things are tough. it makes sense to broadcast war plans to the enemy? Please, talk me through this, Ms. Snowe. I'm having a little trouble with your reasoning.

JASmius adds: The situation in Iraq, or the situation in D.C.? If Snowe and her sunshine patriot colleagues want to see a dire situation, just wait till they help the Democrats Vichyize the troops, Saigonize Iraq, and bring the jihadi hordes crashing back through our borders for more 9/11s; hens' lips may be a more plentiful commodity than elected Republicans after 2008.

UPDATE: Here's the latest cut & run legislation.