Saturday, July 14, 2007

Supporting Our Troops

Senator John Kyl yesterday on the Senate floor:

When people talk about supporting the troops, it seems to me that the first type of support that we should be providing is the moral support for these soldiers, to support their mission. Not only to provide everything they need in terms of material support and training but to ensure – but to assure them that they are not risking their lives in vain, that we will continue to support the mission that we’ve sent they will on, that they think they can win and believe they are winning; that the worst thing we could do is to have expressions here in the U.S. Senate that we think they’ve lost or that they can’t win and, therefore, we want to begin declaring tweet and leaving the – declaring defeat and leaving the battlefield.

At that point, as it was back in Vietnam, it becomes the question of who is the last man out and the last person to risk life – and for what? That can’t be why we send men and women into harm’s way.

And for those who believe that it is already lost and that it is a failure and we cannot succeed, I say to them, you have an obligation to try to bring them home immediately because not one more day should pass for people to risk life for nothing more than a timetable. I don’t happen to believe that. General Petraeus doesn’t happen to believe this. And I believe that we can allow the Petraeus plan to have the time it needs to show that it can succeed, not just in Anbar province but in other places in Iraq as well.

That's just it...the Democrats do NOT support our troops. I firmly believe that they want America to lose, as long as George W. Bush is in office. If a Democrat gets into the White House in 2008 and they haven't forced our surrender yet, just watch their attitudes do an about-face. All of a sudden, it will be a worthwhile and just war that we must win. These people are the most dishonest, duplicitous bunch I've ever seen.

Our hope for this country rests on our military. If they continue the progress they've been making, if they make it so clear that we're winning that even the Drive-By, treasonous media in America won't be able to ignore it, America's attitude will turn around. I know they can do it, and I believe they're doing it right now. The problem is our enemy at home, the media, will not tell Mr. & Mrs. Average American about it. You and I know where to get accurate information. It is the people who get their information from the evening newscasts who are completely in the dark about how wonderful our military is and how successful they are in doing their job over there. We have to keep hammering away and get the word out. Thank God for Rush, Sean, Fox, etc. And of course, the blogs!

To any servicemember and/or their families who may happen to read this, a heartfelt THANK YOU from me and my family. You are the best.

UPDATE: Here's RUSH, and his monologue on the surge and our military's success...stuff that you won't hear from the media. Read it, it's great.