Monday, August 27, 2007

Big-Time Slapdown For The "Hateful Ignoramus"

Recently I observed that long-time PBS neoBolshevik maven and one-time LBJ drone Bill Moyers is a bastard. Not literally in the traditional sense of the term (so far as I know), but in the sense that he is to "not nice" what the Great Khali is to midget wrestling.

What triggered this most recent observation (which I've made on numerous occasions over the past fifteen years) is his despicable assertion that Karl Rove is "an agnostic" who "cynically manipulated the Christian right for political gain." In that one sentence he managed to besmirch the faith of the Architect, libel his character, and (for the umpteenth time) insult the intelligence of "the Christian right," both in the sense that it - we - can be effortlessly "manipulated" and that it - we - could just as easily be herded in Moyer's abhorrent philosophical direction, and even would have been if not for Karl The Great's beating him to the punch.

A week ago Fox News' Chris Wallace did a sit-down interview with Rove in which the former asked the latter about his faith and Moyer's unprovoked attack upon it. Rove disclosed that he is a "practicing Episcopalian" who faithfully maintains a daily devotional regimen, and that, in so many words, Moyers is, as usual, talking out of his ass.

That provoked Moyers to, in Brother Hinderaker's choice words, "crawl out from under his rock long enough to tell Wallace that his second-hand, hearsay sources know more about Rove's religious beliefs than Rove does."

Wallace had a retort to that that does far worse than figuratively question the legitimacy of Moyers' parentage - it questions his legitimacy as a journalist:

A leading light from the hated Fox News calling out Bill F'ing Moyers - the epitome of what the Enemy Media considers to be "elite journalism" - as a recklessly incompetent Christophobic partisan shill. It doesn't get any better than that.