Sunday, August 26, 2007

Complete, Total Insanity

You have to read this to believe it. It's over at the Huffington Post, some deranged nutball named Martin Lewis is calling for General Pace to "relieve President Bush of his Commander-in-Chief duties and place him under military arrest." Even most of the inmate Huffers have tried to explain to him the error of his interpretation of the Military Code of Conduct. Doesn't matter. He has terminal BDS, and apparently there is no cure.

JASmius adds: A militant pacifist demanding a military coup? I'd say that now I really HAVE seen everything, except that loons like "Martin Lewis" remain uninstitutionalized and at large.

UPDATE: Now he claims he was "just kidding" and wanted to see what reaction he'd get from the right side of the blogosphere.

I'd guess this bleep-stirrer was "Wake4Democracy," a neoBolshevik miscreant that squatted at a few years back shatting many a similar idiocy, except that this vile breed ideologically reproduces like clothes hangers in a closed hall closet.

If it was Wakey in another of his several dozen sock-puppet incarnations, he's probably enjoying his fifteen minutes of infamy - mainly because he now knows how to generate a lot more where that one came from.