Saturday, August 25, 2007

Don't Miss This

Michelle Malkin has a roundup of the comments of liberal Democrat Rep. Brian Baird after he returned from Iraq. In short, he thinks we need to give the troops more time because he saw positive change and progress due to the surge.

What is ironic to me is this: He goes on and on about how going to Iraq was a mistake and how much we've paid in money and lives and how we never should have gone, blah blah blah...then tells how things are looking better and better for Iraq because we're there. Oh, he didn't put it exactly like that. He's "profoundly saddened and angered that we are where we are." Okay, so does it make sense that things are looking better for the Iraqi people, they are free of a murderous tyrant and now have a government elected by the people...but we shouldn't have gone there? He admits that our troops are rooting out al-Qaida, people who want to destroy us, but we shouldn't be there?

There is nothing more confusing than the liberal mind.