Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Rush has a great rundown of Hillary's SocialistCare program. Her answer to all of our health care problems is da gov'ment. That's right, the government, under Hillary's plan, is going to FORCE you to buy insurance, whether you want it or not; it is going to FORCE insurance companies to cover you, no matter what your health is; it is going to FORCE businesses to provide health care for their employees or face stiff penalties, and on and on.

If you weren't convinced that Hillary Clinton is a socialist through and through, read her health care reform plan. You will be.

JASmius adds: There's more here, and here.

***Best lines:

"Hillary's health care plan....grows more disturbing the more you look at it, much like Britney Spears....basically, you['d] have to buy health insurance to ensure your right to breathe."

"Only two groups of Americans should worry about Hillary Clinton’s new health-care plan: the healthy and the sick."

***Opie Edwards villifies Mrs. Clinton - for not going far enough with her failed 1994 health care putsch. He also actually trumpets his career as a trial lawyer, and declares that he'll hold Congress hostage by taking away the health care coverage of all members until they pass health care nationalization legislation.

Of course, Congress would have to approve that, unless he's being a lot more open about the Donk Hugo Chavez governing template than even Hillary is. Not much of a threat, I'm afraid. But then Opie has even less of a shot at the nomination this time than he did in 2004, so he doesn't have a whole lot to lose.

***As you might have expected, though, the American Spectator places the blame for the resurrection of HillaryCare right where they think the blame for everything they don't like belongs: smack on the front doorstep of the Republican Party, not unlike a flaming bag of dog turds.

Funny how they're in the bag for the least conservative candidate in the GOP race.