Thursday, September 20, 2007

More On HillarySocialistCare

Neil Boortz weighs in on Hillary's Grow-the-Government scheme.

Just what is our favorite fascist female candidate proposing? This: Before you can trade your intellectual or physical labor to another party in return for something of value, be it money or some other form of property, you will be required by the government to purchase a health insurance policy. And we're not talking about just any health insurance policy – it has to be one approved by the government! It would not matter one whit that you were satisfied with the terms of your policy ... the government must be satisfied also!

Oh ... and get this. If you happen to be a highly successful individual, and you go out and purchase a policy with too much coverage, then you are going to have to pay a penalty to ... you got it ... the government! That's right! Not does the police state force you to buy a policy, but that very same police state penalizes you if you buy one that is too much better than some other people might be able to afford!

Sounds peachy, doesn't it? Here's hoping that HillaryCare does the same for her presidential campaign as it did for the Democrats in general in 1994.