Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blithering, Babbling Idiot

I know, I know, with that title this post could be about any Democrat in leadership or just about any leftist Drive-By Media pundit. This time, it happens to apply to Chris Matthews, that empty-headed Democrat sock puppet. Get a load of this:

Upset that a University of Florida student was tasered by campus police at a John Kerry event, MSNBC's Chris Matthews, on Tuesday's Hardball feared it was a result of the "fascistic notion" of American troops "forcing" democracy on Iraqis at "gunpoint", filtering back home.

Chris Matthews: "You know when we walk into those, every night on television you watch pictures of American soldiers risking their lives to break into homes in Baghdad, at gunpoint, telling people to go along with the government that we've set up over there. Democracy at gunpoint. I wonder if it's filtered back here at home. I wonder if it's drift back home? The idea that democracy is something you do at gunpoint. ‘Either you behave and do it this way and show up by putting your fingers in the ink and doing it this way or you're an insurgent, therefore, we can round you up and if you resist we can kill you.' That notion it's a bit fascist and it's certainly a fascistic notion of democracy we're forcing, forcing on people over there. They didn't invited us into Iraq and I wonder now whether we are picking up some of the bad habits of the war front?"

Can you believe that? OUR TROOPS are to blame for this idiot student making an ass of himself and getting himself tased by law enforcement. What about the absolute idiocy of Matthews' assertion that we are forcing "democracy at gunpoint." This guy is supposed to be a journalist? Isn't a journalist supposed to have at least a modicum of intelligence? Calling our soldiers and leaders fascists?? He is insinuating that the Iraqis were forced to vote in their elections for fear that we would round them up and kill them if they didn't.

Perhaps you can tell, I'm practically spluttering in my anger over this. And the worst thing is, he won't suffer any fallout for it. Why no...he's just giving his opinion, don't you know. What a flippin' pompous windbag.

JASmius adds: It certainly looks like the campus police over-reacted to this moronic seditionist....

....but at least he didn't equate democracy to fascism.

Then again, he didn't have to, because he had Chris F'ing Matthews to do it for him.