Monday, June 27, 2005

Easy on a Sunday...All Day

What do you get when you pour morning worship, quality matrimonial time while the kids are out at an afternoon Awana camp car wash fundraiser, and stumbling across a six-hour Blue Collar Comedy Tour marathon on Comedy Central?

A day of rest. Which, on any other day of the week would be "I couldn't get my lazy ass off the couch and into the den."

Checking my "Domestic Policy" folder, Deroy Murdock has an excellent summation of the Democrat positions on Social Security that can be distilled down to a trifecta:

1) Do nothing and let Social Security bankrupt the country;

2) Pay for unreformed Social Security by runaway hyperinflation;

3) Pay for unreformed Social Security by taxing the country into a permanent depression.

But God forbid personal accounts....

Ruben Navarrette, Jr., casts the educracy's brain-dead resistance to any and all educational reform as a lopsided generational standoff.

And Diane Ravich pursues the educratic outrage of "ethnomathematics."

I meant to get to last week's Kelo lightning bolt hurled from the summit of Olympus, but Larry the Cable Guy's story about his moley sister was just too captivating. I'll try to post something on that, as well as today's typically incoherent Ten Commandment rulings, later today.

UPDATE: The "McLieberman" attempt to resurrect the cold, deadening hand of "Kyoto Lite" was snuffed again by the full Senate last week, proving, I suppose, that the upper chamber isn't completely useless after all.