Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Open Borders & Homeland Security Don't Mix

Oh, isn't this little news nugget just a dandy sinus-clearer:

Liberals who objected to the passage of the Real ID Act of 2005 two months ago will be happy to know that federal immigration officials have uncovered twelve illegal aliens who managed to obtain licenses to transport hazardous materials thanks to lax standards under the old system.

In one case, a man from the terrorist hotbed of Pakistan - who had been ordered to leave the U.S. nine years ago - was found to be driving a tanker truck filled with gasoline for Exxon, the Knight Ridder news service said. [emphasis added]

"This is a national security issue," said Elissa Brown, the special agent in charge of the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement's office in Chicago, where six men were taken into custody. "Illegal aliens should not have the freedom to transport hazardous materials throughout the United States," she told Knight Ridder.

One year my high school marching band entered a competition in Spokane, WA. We did alright, but another band (I forget which one, which is okay since it was twenty-three years ago) outclassed every other band in the field. When they were announced as the winners over the Joe Albi Stadium PA system, our bass drummer cracked, "Nooooooo shit; God, what was your first guess?" Everybody on the field heard him, and everybody burst out laughing.

God bless Agent Brown, but that was a "Nooooooo shit" statement. Only this one is no source of merriment.

Pity she can't convince the President of the critical necessity to tighten up our immigration policies. Because if there's any area where Dubya's credibility on the GWOT is nakedly vulnerable, that issue is his achilles heel.