Friday, August 26, 2005

Pull The Plug! Pull The Plug!

Looks like I have a big cahuna recruit for my stance on the efficacy of the United Nations - in this case, over the Security Council's blatant endorsement of Syrian obstruction of the investigation of Damascus' assassination of Lebanese dissident Rafik Hariri, the atrocity that sparked Syria's withdrawal from Lebanon:

This process shows why the UN has disintegrated into farce from tragedy. Thirty years ago, such gamesmanship replaced real warfare between the two superpowers of the US and the Soviet Union, and therefore may have had some value - perhaps. Even then, it mostly served as a continuous convention for anti-democratic demonstrations and anti-Semitic speechmaking from the kleptocrats of the day. Now we still have all of that, plus rampant corruption and an unwillingness to affect the status quo in any way, shape, or form.

John Bolton got to Turtle Bay not a moment too soon, and thanks to Democrats in the Senate, later than he should have been. Either the UN needs to start getting serious about accountability for both its member-states and itself, or we should pull the plug on the entire mess.

A rhetorical proposition if ever there was one.