Thursday, March 09, 2006


[Posted by Kay Ryan]

Dubai Port World read the writing on the wall and cut their losses by making the Congressional debris an offer they couldn't refuse. Ergo, the President and the UAE have some breathing room. In the offer, announced by Senator Warner (R-VA), DP World decided to sell off the 6 US Ports to a "US entity"). They were 10% of the world wide buy out deal with the Brits.

The Senate was interrupted from the debate on the vote to kill the deal, as the House did yesterday. To their credit, some of the more reasonable, rational Senators wanted to delay any vote until the 45 day investigation was complete and all the pertinent information was known...but noooo, Chuckie Schumer, even after hearing of the concession by Dubai, insisted that the "devil was in the details"..IOW: there's no way that the Democrats will stop hammering Bush. If past performance is any clue, D-Bushophobes will beat the proverbial dead horse until they dig up another live one.