Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Modes of Delivery

This (and this) is why the mad mullahs of Tehran don't need ballistic missiles to deliver nuclear warheads to Israel. So why are they nevertheless busily preparing their Shahab-3 ballistic missiles to carry nuclear warheads?

Could the fact that their range brings most of Europe under threat of Iranian nuclear blackmail be a possible clue?

And yet the EUnuchs don't give a merde, even about their own survival. Denial is more precious to them than life, and the undertakings necessitated by its abandonment worse than the fiery fate from which they would be saving themselves.

No wonder Rome will be revived. Dictatorship is the traditional terminus of collective public cowardice. How fitting also that it will not, after all, be a safe harbor.

[H/T: Powerline]