Thursday, March 16, 2006

Kudlow Loses Perspective Again

Heaven knows it isn't exactly news that congressional Republicans are stampeding away from their recent repentences of their fiscal sins - criminy, they're also collaborating, whether they realize it or not, in bringing another big chunk of HillaryCare in Medicare's back door - but I'm afraid I've got to tackle Larry Kudlow's excesses once again:

[Senate Budget Committee Chairman Judd] Gregg has thrown in the towel on mandatory spending cuts because he says he doesn't have the votes. Well then, I don't think that the American people should "have the votes" to keep the Republicans in charge of the Senate - or the House for that matter.

This is a pathetic state of affairs. [former emphasis added]

I agree, the GOP's fiscal stewardship under unified control of the elective branches has indeed been pathetic. But is it really likely to improve if Kudlow's fit-of-pique admonition is realized?

How about zeroing in on the RINOs that are obstructing fiscal responsibility instead of painting with so broadly self-defeating a brush, Larry? Or does political masochism now become you?

UPDATE: Does Kudlow oppose the DeMint-Crapo amendment? Stopping Congress from spending the Social Security surplus sure doesn't sound like an idea that would get past a Democrat majority.