Saturday, March 11, 2006

No Shame

I came across this over at It's an article by Chuck Colson:

If you read a major national newspaper this week, you may have seen the screaming full-page ad beginning with this headline: “These Religious Leaders Have a Serious Gambling Problem . . . ” The ad, which also runs on television, pictures Ralph Reed, formerly with the Christian Coalition, Rev. Lou Sheldon from the Traditional Values Coalition, and Jim Dobson of Focus on the Family with a sinister photo of Jack Abramoff. Talk about guilt by association.

I was called the Nixon “hatchet man,” so I ought to know a “hatchet job” when I see one, though I am not sure that I have ever seen anything quite this vicious since the McCarthy era.

The facts are these: Jim Dobson had nothing to do with the Indian tribes or Abramoff. The allegations in the attack are without any basis in fact. Jim has fought gambling in forty-three states. This is nothing less than libel.

Anyone who reads here regularly knows one of my pet peeves is the bias in the media. This is a classic example, much like the photos of Abramoff and Bush in the same picture...with Abramoff all the way across the room and barely visible. Nevertheless, the leftist press prints it with a damning headline, and voila! many gullible people across the country mentally link the two. That, of course, is exactly what the intention is. The majority of the major media is tilted to the left, and it's showing up more and more. They love to paint conservatives in a bad light, but boy, when they can do it to conservative Christians, you can almost see them drooling in delight.

The attack on these Christians is sponsored by a group called Defcon. Its website lists the people, a Who’s Who of the extreme left, including same-sex “marriage” and pro-abortion activists, liberal professors, and ACLU luminaries. And they have the nerve to say that Dobson, Reed, and Sheldon have “waged war against our Constitution.”

While battling such horrors as stem-cell research, the ad says, “all the time they must have been betting that they would not get caught taking their thirty pieces of silver and selling out the millions who believed them. [But] they were wrong.”

This is a vicious smear, a completely unwarranted attack...but the major media runs it as if it were gospel. Wait, bad choice of words. They run it as if it were spoken by Hillary Clinton.

I'm glad for the alternative media which is growing by leaps and bounds. But it would be naive to think that the major media does not still have a great impact on people, especially uninformed couch potatoes who are not interested in digging a little deeper. As Colson says later in the article, we have to press on and keep pushing back, no matter what. Garbage such as the above will continue, but we have to make sure more and more people see it for what it is.