Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oscars - Low Interest For ABC?

[posted by Kay Ryan]

The Academy nominated culturally divisive films this year in lieu of money making blockbusters that appeal to the masses. The glitterati let'er rip by ignoring their usual prerequisite for the top awards..namely, mass appeal that translates into bucks at the box office that would all but guarantee high ratings for the Award celebration held this year by ABC and hosted by Jon Stewart.

The gay-cowboy romance, Brokeback Mountain, with eight nominations is the say the least? A remarkable six of the 15 acting nominations went for playing a homosexual, a transsexual or a heterosexual who loves them. Usually the movie that wins the Golden Globes also picks up the statue on Awards night; but since Brokeback hasn't been widely seen because of it's controversial theme, the Academy members may surprise gay activists and vote for a more "conventional" Spielberg's Munich or the little movie that picked up the honors at the SAG awards...Crash with Matt Dillon as best supporting actor.

ABC can take some comfort in the Academy's ultimate decision slated for tonight; the members are getting awfully restless with the idea of jumping on the Brokeback wagon considering the conservative opposition and the miniscule profits racked in by ALL the nominees combined...a measly $185 million. Afterall, it is their business to entertain and make profits for the condoning this type of agenda-driving-film the entertainment industry might pay dearly at the box office for years to come.

The highest rated Oscar telecast in the past decade was in 1998 when a sinking ship, the Titanic took in $1 billion worldwide and snared top honors...55 million viewers watched that year. The bottom line is the more people that actually SEE a movie the higher the TV interest; considering the limited release and puny attendance at theaters across the USA, the cowgays of Brokeback, may come home with empty lassoes if the SAG awards are any indication of what really matters to the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences...profitable entertainment for all.