Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Globalist Jew-Hating In Microcosm

Kenneth Timmerman has a very telling account of United Nations contempt for Israel in the person of undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs Jan Egelund's visit today to the city of Haifa.

Egelund, you'll recall, is the Norwegian numbnut who called the Bush Administration's generous relief efforts in the Sumatra tsunami "stingy" because they didn't turn them over to people like him, complete with an unlimited checkbook. That slur becomes all the more ironic given the rank callousness that Egelund displayed for the unprovoked suffering being endured by the Jews:

Standing with Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav and foreign minister Tzipi Livni at the site of an early Hezbollah rocket attack that collapsed a downtown apartment building, Egelund appeared distracted and looked at his pocket schedule.

Egelund asked what caused the pock mocks on the building across the street, Yahav told NewsMax in an exclusive interview. So the Haifa mayor showed him tiny ball bearings he had picked up from the scene of the rocket strikes.

Egelund hardly gave them a glance.

Nor did the U.N. envoy give more than a cursory look at the collapsed apartment building in front of him.

Living room chairs were still visible, lined against the wall on two floors of the wrecked building, its front wall completely torn off from the blast.

"I have come to see for myself how the civilian population is suffering," Egelund told reporters, after a brief conversation with Livni and Yahav in front of the ruins.

He neither spoke to any civilians during his brief downtown stopover, nor did he ask to do so.

"This has got to stop," Egelund insisted. "Civilians have paid a too high price in these recent terrible weeks in Lebanon. And [oh, yeah,] too many are dead here."
Contrast this barking indifference with the full day Egelund spent "touring bombed-out buildings and talking to civilian victims of Israeli air strikes." Clearly there appears to be mismatched levels of sympathy on his part.

And when I say "clearly," I do mean CLEARLY:

Shortly after his 10-minute trip to downtown Haifa, Egelund had a contentious encounter with Yahav and Livni on the balcony of a five-star hotel overlooking the city.

Yahav was describing the blending of Jews and Arabs that has made Haifa unique. "This is the only place in the world where Arabs and Jews have lived together peacefully for 100 years," he said. "For a hundred years, we are melted together. Nobody can jeopardize this relationship." But Egelund wasn't listening.

"Really," Egelund said. "Israel's actions are tearing apart the international community and creating hatred on the other side of the border."

Yahav responded indignantly. "Why? The international community doesn't make a line on the border of Israel . . . Who has the right? The terrorists have a right to jeopardize our life? To put us under fire, completely under fire?" [emphases added]
Apparently, yes. That would certainly explain Egelund spending all the previous day in Beirut and ten f'ing minutes in Haifa. It would also explain how he cuts Hezbollah a free pass for firing over a thousand rockets at Israeli population centers yet denounces the IDF's efforts to protect their homes and families from these on-rolling atrocities.

Would you believe that Egelund was actually surprised at Mayor Yahav's ire? He was even momentarily tongue-tied. Like the notion of Jews verbally defending themselves is as foreign to him as their doing so militarily. Which he evidently also cannot abide, later accusing Yahav of "polarization" for having the nerve to talk back to his betters.

But even then the UN drone wasn't finished waving the bloody flag:

Livni evoked the "common understanding" of the international community about "the right goals to achieve and the ways to achieve these goals – the 1559 resolution and the G-8 decision," and appealed to Egelund not to get sidetracked by calls for a ceasefire.

Egelund wasn't listening, and told the Israelis that they needed to understand "the consequences for what people feel" as a result of Israeli bombardments in Lebanon.
What Egelund needs to understand probably can't be communicated short of tying him upside down to a lamppost in downtown Haifa and leaving him there until a Hezbollah Katyusha flies up his worthless ass. If I were Ehud Olmert, I'd get the Mossad on that assignment right away. Given that the Israeli intelligence organization is omnipotent, it shouldn't be too difficult a task, right?

BTW, here is the above coalesced into one picture. Definitely worth a thousand words, though I don't think very many of them would not be expletives.