Monday, August 21, 2006

And Now I Wait

....until the shop replaces the motherboard in my home PC, which is, for all intents and purposes, fried. The product, I'm now certain, of my den transmogrif(r)ying into an oven over the course of the hot days of this passing summer. Next year I'll either purchase an air conditioner for that room or keep the machine off when I'm not using it.

Happily I haven't received a call from the shop this afternoon, which would have indicated that a replacement motherboard wasn't available and the only remaining alternative was to buy a whole new machine (minus all the salvagable peripherals, of course). So it looks like I won't have to take Jen's advice.

I am, though, without a blogging outlet at home for the next day or two, which means I'll have to put a cot in my office to afford me any chance of keeping up with the furious pace of current events, what with tomorrow being the Muslim Apocalypse and all.

I doubt my wife would notice much of a difference.