Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Post About Iraq

One of our nutter commenters the other day asked why we haven't posted much about Iraq lately.

So you have wished it, so shall it be.

***The Iraqi government has taken over security responsibilities for the province of Muthanna, the first of many such handovers to come.

***Iran's incitement of Iraqi Shias to sectarian violence is causing a change of heart amongst Iraqi Sunnis as to the value of the American presence in Iraq. Also known as "discovering" new allies after the chickens of earlier Sunni "insurgent" actions come to roost.

Cap'n Ed points out the obvious in this equation:

We should consider the effect a pullout will have under these conditions. A stable US presence might avoid a larger sectarian conflict.

Well, it's obvious to most of us, anyway.

***Here and here is more documentary evidence of Saddam Hussein's connections with al Qaeda.

***Here is more documentary evidence on Saddam's WMD and where they went before the 2003 invasion.

***Here is an overwrought pro-jihadi ASSociated Press story that exaggerates the number of pro-Hezbollah Iraqi Shiite protestors by at least a factor of ten. And here is a very cogent response to them from one of their free countrymen.

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