Thursday, August 10, 2006

UK Terror Plot Foiled

[posted by Kay Ryan]

Twenty-one homegrown British Muslims were nabbed before they could blow up about ten flights departing from the UK heading for US destinations such as NY/LAX & DC.

The plan was to assemble a bomb in flight by using liquid explosive substances, concealed in harmless looking containers such as hair gel, toothpaste, perfume, bottled water, etc. and detonate it with a simple device like a cell phone. The result would have brought down ten planes, killing all on board and amounting to a death count comparable to 9/11. Security at all airports will remain high indefinitely. Surely more than the twenty-one Pakistani descendants are involved in this massive plot? An arrest in Pakistan led to this UK plot. The drag net is ongoing.

Although Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff claims there's no evidence that a US cell is involved, is it a coincidence that elevent Egyptians with student visas never showed up on campus in Montana? Three have been apprehended, eight others are still missing. Islamic Jihad of Egypt announced a few weeks ago that they were joining Al Qaeda, whose master planners always have a "second wave."