Sunday, March 04, 2007

VBC Missionaries Of The Week: Bob & Judi Allen

The Allens serve as church team missionaries through Northwest Independent Church Extenstion at Hobart Community Church in Hobart, Washington. They assist the pastor and his wife by teaching adult Sunday school, leading music, serving on the Elder Board, and helping with men's, women's, and children's ministries.

Bob is also the West Africa director for ITEM. He travels to Africa at least once a year to teach training seminars to Africa pastors who do not have access to formal theological education. His focus is primarily on French-speaking countries in Africa.

Praise God for the good conferences with one hundred fifteen pastors in Burundi and the Congo. Pray for the pastors there as many are in dangerous areas. Pray for wisdom as to where and when they should schedule follow-up conferences. Pray for Steven Van Horn as he will be conducting a conference in Rwanda for two hundred pastors. Pray for their daughter Rachel's wedding on April 15th.