Saturday, July 07, 2007

Why We Call Them The Enemy Media

***White House Press Secretary Tony Snow opened a presser the other day with an example of political progress on the part of the Iraqi government of the sort that "anti-war" nay-sayers are always demanding, and a report on a re-enlistment rate of Iraq theatre veterans that probably appalls them to no end.

When Snow threw open the floor for reporters' questions, there were, by Brother Hinderaker's account, ninety-five shouted queries, ninety-two of which revolved hysterically and paranoiaclly around President Bush's commutation of Scooter Libby's prison sentence.

***The media flogged "Plamegate" to the ends of Earth, excoriating Mr. Libby's supposed "crimes" as an effigy for Karl Rove and Dick Cheney and the President himself and cheering on special prosecutor and de facto Independent Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's runaway inquisition, but completely abandoned any and all complaints about P-Fitz's excesses against members of the media itself once he'd bagged what they hoped would be the first Bushie of "Watergate II".

How nauseating was this "journalistic hypocrisy"? Even Michael Kinsely couldn't stomach it.

Meanwhile, the Admiral points out that as far as the New York Times is concerned, not all leaks are created equal.

***The same thing can be said of their selective defense of freedom of the press.

***Ditto the ASSociated Press' estimation of Fred Thompson's alleged "lack of substance" when stacked up against the "emissary of change"-ship of Senator Navel-Gazer.

Ah, but, you may object, that's all domestic partisan politics, where all is fair game. And I could perhaps agree with that, if the blanket enmity stopped at the water's edge.

But it does not.

***This lamentable fact is sublimely illustrated by a recent Boston Globe headline:

The Boston Globe has a story....with an astonishing, indeed disgusting, headline: "Giuliani watchers wonder if he will overplay 9/11 card."

9/11 is, of course, not a "card" at all, but a devastating attack on the country that despite its horrible toll could have been even worse - far, far worse if the terrorists had been better skilled in their selection of targets and luckier in their logistics that morning. The Boston Globe's headline perfectly conveys the left's understanding of 9/11 - a political event that it fears works for the Republicans and especially Giuliani. The center-right understands 9/11 as the defining moment of our era, and Giuliani's response to it a model of leadership in the still extraordinarily dangerous times in which we live.

The Globe's headline should evoke condemnation of the paper's relentless agenda-journalism which now extends to the characterization of a national emergency as a part of a poker game.
Of course it should. But it doesn't because the Left does not believe we're at war, does not believe that we ever should be, because of their magical ability to transform the bitterest, most irreconcilable enemy into a friend if we're just nice enough to them, give them enough concessions, and pump the atmosphere full of enough platitudinous groveling. And, of course, because America is not, to them, worth defending in any circumstances.

***This is the genesis of the spin that has been and will continue to be put on every significant post-9/11 Islamist terrorist attack: It never would have happened if we hadn't invaded Iraq. That's the media template for portrayal of the motivations of the al Qaeda attackers in London and Glasgow and it will be applied even to a successful nuclear incineration of a major American city. The press will not and is incapable of brooking any dissent from the unassailable dogma that the enemy is and will always be justified in butchering us because we always - ALWAYS - bring attacks upon ourselves, and therefore are deserving of them.

***The press is ready, willing, and eager to relay anonymous (and dubious) accounts of unspecified atrocities that they can imply were committed by the Iraqi government or American soldiers, or at the very least spin to "prove" that the "Surge" strategy is "failing." But specific, bona fide atrocities committed against Iraqi civilians by al Qaeda, discovered by our troops, which bolster the case for why we need to stay in Iraq as well as take the war to Syria and Iran as well get narry a mention.

And it might help Bush, and "re-discredit" the pacifist nostrums of the far Left. And, of course, Bush is the REAL enemy.

Just as the Enemy Media is America's.