Tuesday, September 11, 2007

America Has Forgotten, But We Never Will

"You remember what's at stake? You remember what it took to get here?....And you remember what he did to you last time?"
-Apollo Creed to Rocky Balboa, Rocky III
My first inkling of 9/11 was when my clock radio went off and the morning host on SportsRadio 950 KJR-AM sounded more like Edward R. Murrow covering the Blitz in London than his usual raunchy, irreverent self. As I blearily tried to make sense of it I kept hearing words like "planes" and "towers" until what was happening finally started coalescing in my sleep-fogged mind in a "What the hell?" kind of way. I bounded out of bed (no mean feat for my body mass) and dashed down the living room to turn on the TV (to FoxNews, of course....) just in time to see the north tower of the World Trade Center collapse.

Moments like that are surreal in retrospect; I don't know if there's an adjective that describes what they're like when you're experiencing them live. I guess being in a car wreck (as a passenger) comes closest; everything seems to slow down, like you're a spectator rather than a participant because, after all, this can't REALLY be happening. Watching the 9/11 attacks was kind of like that only one step removed. The difference is that you didn't know if that was the end, or even if there would BE an end. Right after that the news that the Pentagon had been hit broke. Then Flight 93 crashing in Pennsylvania with rumors that it had been headed for either the White House or the U.S. Capitol. Nobody knew just how big this mass attack might get or where the next blow might fall.

Needless to say I was a bit late getting into work that morning. My boss didn't appear to mind.

I think about that when I endure the latest sedition de jour from the Dhimmicrats. I think about how al Qaeda rose to the level of major national security threat on Bill Clinton's watch, and how his administration did NOTHING to stop them, and indeed actively made it IMPOSSIBLE to stop them, and three thousand American civilians perished as a result. Then I think about how the Left is brainlessly and hysterically demanding a return to that very same suicidal foreign policy/national security stance, including running away from that very same al Qaeda in Iraq. One can only speculate as to how many more American civilians will be massacred as a result, as were those at the World Trade Center that bright, sunny Tuesday morning six years ago - horribly, innocently, and terrifyingly. They never saw it coming (at least those who didn't have the misfortune of being near a window on the wrong side of the towers), never imagined that their lives were about to come to a mangled, fiery end.

But then, it wasn't their job to see it coming. It was Bill Clinton's job. And he spent eight years punting that task, along with other inconveniences like North Korean nukes and Iranian nukes and Saddam Hussein and the long-term (and Clinton-assisted) ChiComm military buildup, down the road until he could dump it - and the blame - on his successor.

George W. Bush has fought - to a far too limited extent - the "war on terror" that Bill Clinton should have. And Bill Clinton's party has crucified him for it.

But they haven't forgotten 9/11; not even the transformation of lower Manhatten into a sixteen-acre funeral pyre of burning rubble, debris, and "organic fragments" could penetrate their land of extremist blind make-believe. It is Americans at large who have forgotten - at least the 53% of the electorate that put the Dhimmicrats back in power last November, thence to bulldoze the country toward bowing down in abject, supine surrender to Osama bin Laden, Mahmoud Ahmadijad, and the Global Islamic Caliphate.

Liberals aren't demanding a "change of direction" in the war; they're demanding a reversal of direction back to the days when we weren't fighting it, but were only being destroyed, one terrorist attack at a time.

I wish I could say that they won't succeed. Only time will tell.

But if they do, the following will be only a taste of the travails to come.