Monday, March 06, 2006

Dubai Divorce?

[posted by Kay Ryan]

The former first couple must've skipped Dubai pillow talk because the senator from New York is a harsh critic of the DPW deal and the "new son" of the elder Bush stated that the UAE is trying "to build a new Middle East...I have a very high opinion of the UAE and Dubai, in particular."

Hillary was asked by reporters if she was aware that her husband was advising Dubai leaders on how to ease opposition to the deal in Congress (volunteer for 45 day investigation; hire Joe Lockhardt for PR)...she was not. Holy Cow!! Bill kept something from his wife? Wonder if he didn't want to share the assets he received for his lucrative visits to the wealthy nation?

*$1 Million for his library [& massage parlor]

*$300,000 in 2002....speaking fee UAE

*$300,000 in 2005....speaking fee UAE

*Partner with Dubai Investment Group

*University of Dubai...Clinton scholars program that allows US students to study there.

btw: Zim Integrated Shipping Services, Israel's largest shipping firm, sent Hillary a letter strongly backing the Dubai Port Deal, despite the fact that the UAE "formally" subscribes to an Arab boycott of Israel.