Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Winds of War

....with Iran - clandestine, naval, nuclear - at the time, place, and circumstances of the mullahs' choosing, looms ever nearer. Are we prepared for their onslaught? Or to launch a pre-emptive one of our own, if there's still time to do so?

The prospects look non-existent in the short term, and that's the only term that matters at the moment. But if we can make it to the longer term, George W. Bush may have checkmated Russia's Iran and Red China's North Korea by signing up a Third World nuclear client state of America's very own: India.

Seems like a natural alliance - "the world's oldest democracy" and "the world's largest democracy." And without alienating nominal U.S. ally and Indian now-not-quite-enemy Pakistan to boot. I seriously doubt John Kerry could have pulled that off, or even mustered the "vision" to recognize the efficacy and common sense of a move that may, if it lasts, pay foreign policy dividends for as much as a century into the future.

Pity it'll have no affect on ol' Adolph Ahmadinejad and friends. That "fire" will only be extinguished by a lot heavier ordnance than hatted rabbits.