Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Gollyfornia GOP Is Dead

Do you want to know the definition of an "Ah-nuld Republican"? An embattled RINO governor running neck and neck with two Dem pencil-necks who shouldn't even be within double-digits of him, precisely because he has shown his true center-left colors.

Or you could try Hugh Hewitt's definition: an embattled RINO governor who is deliberately keeping a left-wing extremist Hollywoodie crook on the state payroll to keep said crook's corrupt, illegal gravy train rolling.

Either way, can you believe that one-time conservative stalwart and Governator foe Tom McClintock is defending Ah-nuld - on the grounds that the only alternative to him is a Dem, despite the fact that the Schwartzeneggar administration is Donk in everything but its public face?

Did I mention that McClintock is running for lieutenant-governor?

Think there'll be anything left of the Gollyfornia GOP when Arnie goes back to Hollywood a year from now (oh, sorry, in 2010)?

Hope McClintock won't be too disappointed, especially as he should be the least surprised Pachyderm of all whenever it's all said and done.