Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Once A Bitch....

In her latest return of fire over the GOP-floated theme that she is too angry to get elected president, Hillary Clinton had this to say:

Responding to Republican claims that she may be too angry to win national office, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton told an audience Monday to wear such criticism as "a badge of honor" and suggested that gender played a role in the attacks.

"When you run as a Democrat, and in particular, when you run as a Democratic woman, whether you're running at the local, state or national level, it's likely you're going to draw some unfriendly fire," Clinton said at a breakfast fund-raiser hosted by black and Hispanic women supporters. "People will be attacking you instead of your ideas; they may impugn your patriotism; they may even say you're angry."

She added, "If they do that, wear it as a badge of honor, because you know what? There are lots of things that we should be angry and outraged about these days." She cited, among other things, the federal budget deficit, lobbying scandals in Washington, and the government's slow response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Just a few of observations:

1) Mrs. Clinton is resorting to the "You can't attack me, I'm a girl" defense already, which would still probably work for any other gal but won't for her.

2) Having pooh-poohed the notion that she's perpetually angry, she proceeds to lay out chapter and verse why she is and we all should be as well.

3) I'm not budging off my fatalism that a Hillary presidency is inevitable (not until I see clear and uncontrovertible numbers to the contrary), but wasn't the last national pol who used the "Their scorn is a badge of honor" rhetorical device...Dan Quayle?